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On this page I welcome submissions from local people of photographs relating to the local area. If you have any and would like to submit them with information relating to each one, please contact me via email on with the photograph and details. We will then include them on this page so it becomes an archive of people's photos and memories.

J.P Geard Butcher's Shop, Woolcomber Street

A picture of J.P.Geard Family Butchers of 8 Woolcomber Street Dover. We're guessing the picture could be just after the war due to the flags on the shop, there is also bunting and a banner saying "God Save Our...." I presume it is King due to the time and because it is hidden under the banner.
The man in the doorway is my great-grandad Charles Frank Whitewood (known to all as Frank). He married my great nan Beatrice May Burwill. At the time of his marriage he was living in Letchworth, Beatrice in Dover. At this time he was a trainee butchers assistant and railway plate layer. We did not know he ever worked in a Butcher's until last year when we saw it on the marriage certificate. We have never seen any pictures until finding this one today and would love to know more information about the butchers based there.
Charles (Frank) was born in St Olave, London in 1910. His wife Beatrice born in Dover in 1923. Charles later worked for his father in law John Thomas Burwill as a motorboat repairer. They all lived in the Athol Terrace area of Dover.